Galena Brewing Company has 2 locations. Click here to visit our Galena, IL location.

Galena Brewing CO ALE HOUSE
1534 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265
(309) 524-3148


About the Galena Brewery Ale House

Our mission is to celebrate! We strive to bring back to Galena and Moline some of the rich brewing traditions lost over the past 80 years, and to celebrate with our customers the delights of God's gracious provisions of food, drink, song & conversation, in a family friendly ambience. Cheers!

Galena was the first mineral rush city in the United States back in the 1820's. It grew rapidly as the regional capital of lead mining, the largest riverboat port north of St Louis, and a prominent brewing town of the era, with nine breweries in the 1800's....see the nine stars on our logo! Sadly, shortly after the prohibition years Galena was left without a producing brewery or local beer label. The last commercial brewery to brew in quantity in Galena was the Galena Brewing Company™ which operated from the end of the Prohibition until about 1938 when it closed its doors.

Warren the current owner strove to change this in 2009 when he launched a local beer label using beer contract brewed to his recipes in Wisconsin. In July 2010 Warren opened his own 10 bbl. brewery and pub in Main Street, Galena, giving it the same name as the last brewery in Galena, which ends 80 years of brewing drought in Galena.

In 2019 Warren was attracted to Moline as a wonderfully historic site for the building of a satellite ale house for the Galena Brewery. In 1837, David B. Sears and a group of associates built a 600-foot stone-and-brush dam across Sylvan Slough, thereby connecting the southern bank of the Mississippi River to what is today called Arsenal Island. The dam provided waterpower for a mill which Sears built to saw wood, grind corn, and card wool. The water power generated by the dam attracted many industrialists, including, John Deere, the inventor of the self-scouring steel plow, who relocated his steel plow company from Grand Detour, Illinois, to Moline. As Deere expanded his factories, Moline grew in area and population.

Come along to the Galena Brewing Company Ale House™ to taste our offering of 12 delicious beer styles.


Warren arrived in Galena in 2003 to own and run the Captain Harris Guest House. It was during this time of hosting the visitors to Galena and sharing the attractions and history of Galena that a desire grew in his heart to see Galena's brewing heritage returned and celebrated, such that both local residents and visitors would have an opportunity to enjoy some of Galena's brewing tradition.

Warren was born and raised in South Africa, emigrating to the US in 1997, with an Engineering and an SAP software consulting background.